Bending beneath the weight of nothing,
Thinking about a quiet dream bubble,
Immersing the mind smiles within a vinegar syrup,
Devise a failing plan to ennoble the dying generation of platitudes.

Begin again. Rewind. Go back to the very first moment you locked eyes.
Those soft brown eyes, smiling at you, whispering your name,
Gaze into the galaxy, taste the sweet bitterness of unfulfilled desire.

Unrequited paradigm of blistering bowls,
Catching our pain, love, and complacency,
Dream of dreams within you daydreams,
Finish the migrant fire dot before it dies,
Fill your lungs with joyous premonitions.

Single pyramid of broken glass driven underneath your soft sole,
Pale ochre fingers pricking at the red surface,
Delve into the depths of the bluish sky,
Peel back the clouds and let the shimmering rays beat upon your brown face.

Lemme talk about the precise nature of the philosophy.
Dream, begin, mutter, sympathize, relax, forget, dream.

Frozen love spread put on bread, melting, smothering, consuming.
Belch out the excess, dump the remainder,
Hear the notes reverberate within the bottle like mind,
Generate dismissals out of the atmospheric difference between then and now.

Talk to me dryads of the majestic plain,
Concentrate on the poetic minds of tomorrow,
Blow out the change in your bones,
Wring the despair and leave it out to hang,
Dry the fragrant sorrow building inside your soul.

The arid wind gathers me up and distributes me according to his whims.


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