The strong bass and loud beats fell on my ears as I shook my head to the music. I closed my eyes and imagined my body freeze and then slowly melt into a jump and a headstand freeze. I quietly sang with the music… ” we all want the same thing”. I regretted eating so much for dinner as I patted my tummy and rewound my day.

Slept at 4:00 AM
Woke up at 7:45 AM
Breakfast at 8:15  AM
Smoke in the room at 10:00 AM
TV Shows till past lunch
Walk to the gate at 2:10 PM
Chilling in my friend’s room till 8:00 PM
The sudden ‘see you later’ at 8:10 PM
Talking to friends till 8:30 PM
Dinner at 8:31 PM

I felt the air slowly drain out of my lungs as I remembered the conversation from a week ago. People change with time and adjusting to a new environment was proving difficult. I held back my tears and nearly choked on my words as I nodded my head while the figure retreated on a blue cycle. Goodbyes come faster than one realizes. The lukewarm despair subsided into a simmering sadness.




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