The number of mechanical actions we perform on a daily basis is a fact that requires some pondering over. I am not talking breathing or blinking or reflex actions that lead you to slap that annoying bugger at lunch. I am talking about the more subtler automatic reactions that have deeply embedded themselves in our minds and personalities. The very act of swearing and glaring have become more than just a habit. It seems to be how this generation voices their opinion. The way in which our mind quickly sorts through and categorizes anomalies in others daily life is quite impressive. We seem to be constantly living in a loop that isn’t our own, struggling to break free, hoping to make a difference, wishing to be unique. In the end, everything is just dust and bones. We are who we are because we chose to live that way. No need to blame someone for that. No need to kill our minds with guilt and self loathing. Just wake up everyday for a start. Do the simple things. Not the obvious eccentric things, maybe a combination of baroque and bland. It’s up to you really. Like I said, it is just dust and bones. Dust and bones.




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