When the days you pine for cease to come by even in your dreams, read me and be satisfied. One cannot have everything. Maybe a fraction of the fraction. That tiny molecule, like a popsicle, that gratifies the simplest desires. Simple, innocent and austere. 

1. Pray. Confess. Repent. Listen to HIS voice.
2. Read. Keep reading till your mind ceases to hear itself.
3. Treat yourself to a new thing/experience when possible. Like now. Do it now.
4. Don’t stare into the mirror with that desolate expression which says, “I’m not a goddess.” Instead, listen to Miles Davis or Coltrane. They will show you what the meaning of that expression on your face is.
5. Read.
6. Sleep a little more, eat a little more, and maybe, if your limbs allow you, jump a couple of times.
7. Talk to yourself. Hear your mind. Listen to your voice.
8. Read Franny and Zooey again. It was worth it then. It will be now too.
9. Watch/read/listen to a classic.
10. Take a deep breath. Visualise your past. Now wipe the slate clean. Exhale. Go drink coffee ma chère.

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