Betwixt the rising fumes of social fame and egregious norms of the 21st century, the only consoling solace of 2016 was the spiteful anarchy of the culture industry. Weaving in and out of our minds like faded webs, it dictated the mannerisms, the speech, the looks and the person one was supposed to be. Why did I say the above? Well, it kept my questioning and argumentative skills sharp and in use. Never did it let me down as there always seemed to be some gossip floating around waiting to be devoured or torn apart. Did I take part in this process of gossiping? No. I refrained. I found it pointless to moan and mope about rising and falling stars. Our minds weren’t built to mull about the petty lives of celebrities. There is so much more that we can do. Why not critically analyse a film and find its defining characteristics instead of analysing the food a movie star ate at some restaurant? I mean what is the whole deal with paparazzi? What is so great about these people that one would go around clicking pictures and hounding their every waking moment? I honestly, and this completely subjective of course, find it useless and idiotic to stare at videos of so-called-celebrities doing stuff. If this has turned into a well heard, much seen rant about the folly and poor luck of common man, I beg your pardon. This was not my intention. I was merely aiming to point one in the direction of activities that were worth your time. Since this is the only life you have and the people around you aren’t gonna stick around forever, why not drink a cup of coffee (or any beverage of thine liking) and actually talk about what you have been up to? I find the prospect of sharing an actually conversation over coffee very exciting. It gives me a reason to make another person smile and, believe me, that single smile will get you through the shitty day you have been having. So, to more coffees and conversations. Cheers amigo!


3 thoughts on “To do or to not do

  1. I have no idea who ate what bug in the jungle, or who was a total bitch in the celebrity house…I really don’t care who is dating/marrying/divorcing who, and would happily drink coffee and chat about theatre, film, books, photography, music. Or just about anything other than what a celebrity has been up to this week…


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