The uneasiness of the week had given way to a full blown cramp attack, complete with chainsaws and butchers knives in my uterus. I grimaced as yet another wave of uncalled and unwelcome frequency of mild pain shot through my body. I clenched my fists and quietly murmured, it will pass, it will pass, it will pass, it will pass. But no, it did not pass. I walked around my room for a minute hoping the clot would simply dissolve and disappear and leave me in a state of elated amazement. It still did not pass. I peeked out of my room, a pained look plastered on my face, hoping my mom wasn’t in the kitchen. I am the survivor of previous ‘period lectures’ that normally take place when I’m groaning and clutching my stomach. “How many times have I told you to take those homeo medicines or that ayurveda syrup at least a week before your period comes?” Her menacing figure and authoritative tone always made me cringe and I tried my best to avoid eye contact in these situations. Making relevant painful noises ought to help but that I believe is subjective. There was no one in the hall or in the kitchen and I almost smiled and sighed when another wave of prickly, electric stings caught me. I doubled over and stifled a cry of pain as I limped over to the ‘homeo medicine’ on the counter. I whipped it out of the bottle and poured some into my mouth. It had a sickly sweet taste with that weird medical flavour as an after taste. I dashed into the kitchen and gulped down half a glass of water before silently retreating to my ever cold room. Should I sleep? Should I even try to sleep? Ugh, my shoulders hurt. I can’t sleep on my side anymore. I heard my mom’s familiar step outside my room and I turned with a look of death on my face.

“Did you take the medicine?” For once I was glad that I could reply in the affirmative. She looked at my wretched state and asked, “Do you want that heat belt thing?” Once again I nodded and then let myself gracefully collapse on my bed. It sure didn’t look as graceful as I imagined because I was soon keeling over digging my nails into my sides to feel a different kind of pain than the one that had been religiously afflicting me for the past one day. I blinked the tears away and fell on my side. Mechanically my mind made a list of all the body parts that were hurting. Uterus, that bitch; lower back, both my shoulders, forearms (but why?), things, knees. Ugh, my whole body. Why did I even begin making a list? My mom returned with the heat belt. I got up and wrapped it around me and switched it on. I crossed my legs and waited for the heat to slowly, well, ummm… heat up my frozen uterus. Please let this work. This always works. Pretty please work. IT ALWAYS WORKS. I let my mind debate over this issue as I finally felt my body relax for the first time in 48 hours. I looked up and gazed at the fruit bowl my sister had painted.  Well, you look ravishing.


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