Sands of Love

hourglass(Dear Preethi and Paul,
When in doubt, don’t look the other way. Look within
each other and discover yourselves again. Be the light and
the song the other needs.
I love you both and words cannot express how I feel.
Till your last breath trust in love.


The storms of the past within an hour-glass
(a look it entreats)
A handful of sand held within the limits of glass,
The grains gently trickling down into a heap.

She gazes into his eyes, free of all inhibition
Collecting every second for the long week ahead.
There they sit. Free. In love. The epitome of my mind
Interlinked fingers and sweet caresses.

He thinks and ponders over her every expression
Speaking shrewdly, with love, with subtle passion.
Words dripping with longing and innocent desire.
He kisses her with such grace, like a treasure.



Calmness is the eye of the storm.
His silence another heart burn,
Her indifference a slow, painful death.

The tides crash both ways.
The silver fades into an interminable darkness,
Confused hearts breaking into a demonizing fury.

(Did I watch this happen?)

I turned the hourglass,
Reversing the beauty of chaos and the death of love.


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