On Strange Midnight Walks

DSC_0109“It’s called the trust walk. Just close your eyes and hold my hand, I’ll be your eyes.” She looked at me curiously. “What?! Trust walk?? Close my eyes and let you walk me in the middle of the road? Are you alright? Did you fall and hit your head somewhere?” I looked at her with increasing impatience. “Do you or do you not want to try it? Look, there are no vehicles at this time of the night and if there is a cyclist, well, they can ride around us. What do you say?” She continued looking at me like I had fallen out from the sky and over-riding her better judgement she relented. “Brilliant! I promise to guide you properly and you won’t walk into anything. I’m holding your hand after all.” She still looked sceptical but finally closed her eyes and took my hand with a death grip. I started walking her and led her to the middle of the road. We walked on, covering the distance slowly. “You have no idea how scary this is. It genuinely feels like I’m gonna walk off the edge of something though I know that its flat ground all around me. Is that normal? Am I freaking out unusually?” After her flurry of questions and anxieties I quietly said, “Everyone feels that way. It really is scary to not know what is in front of you right?” “You bet.” I could see a cyclist approaching from afar. “Okay, there is a cycle coming our way. It’s okay cause he can probably see us from a mile off.” “Probably okay?! Probably!” She shouted and let go of my hand opening her eyes at the same time. “Hey, what are you doing! You are supposed to trust me and not open your eyes!” Startled by my reaction she looked at me and said in a matter of fact way, “I’m doing this for the first time. It’s not that I do not trust you or that I trust you less or anything of that sort. It is mighty scary is all. Why don’t you try it this time?” “Sure. Let’s see what all this fuss is about. It isn’t that scary. I know it.” “And that’s because you’ve done it before. I haven’t.” “Whatever. Let’s do this.” I closed my eyes and let her take my hand. I felt a chill go down my spine as we started to walk. The cyclist had long gone past us. I could see patches of orange lights in the distance as I tilted my head. She was right about feeling like walking off the edge of a mountain. Every step required immense will power, to keep my eyes shut and not mirror her concerns. Even before she said it I could hear the sound of an approaching car and see the bright yellow lights. My heart began pounding and I clutched her hand so tightly that she softly yelped. “Yo! Take it easy.” “But I can hear and almost see a car coming and you haven’t moved me away from the middle of the road or even mentioned the reality of this approaching metal danger!” I heard a giggle followed by her gentle direction towards the footpath. “See? It’s scary.” My eyes flew open and I turned on her. “It. Was. A. Car. You didn’t say anything! At least I mentioned it from far off!” She looked at me slightly apologetic. “Okay, maybe I was late in mentioning the car. I’m sorry. Wanna go again?” “Let me see. Do I want to get run over in the middle of the night because my friend was late in giving directions?” We looked at each other and then burst out laughing for no apparent reason. “I think we deserve a coffee and a cream bun.” I nodded my head and added, “But we walk with our eyes open and ears plugged in.” “Consider it done.”


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