A different way to die


Dedicated to a dear friend of mine who inspired me to write the last eight lines,
Thank you Sett.

Note: Listen to ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ by Pink Floyd while reading.

The soft music lilted and bounced off the freshly painted walls. The enchanting voice echoed more than just emotion, there was a world buried deep in that voice. If you were to listen carefully you would find a mesmerising history, a depleting present and an ambitious future hidden within it. The comforting piano notes brought in a sense of magical accuracy. Eyes closed, hands clenched, ears twitching with anticipation. The varied notes flowed with synchronous chaos. Each corner echoed a deep, resonant story. The voice mingled with the strong sweet stench of the paint, rolling off the five sides like tufts of cloud bellowing in a storm. The idle mind inched towards these spaces of fiction, greedily devouring the notes of delight and desperation. The storm surrounded the visitor and enclosed it within the calm eye. The visitor melted to the ground absorbing the lilting melodies and the reeking painting. The black paint covered it and it gave up without resistance. Gently, very gently, the wooden boards released its soul into the hazy atmosphere. Forever etched on these walls are the following lines:

“The sun sets every night too.
From underneath crawls the vain glories of times long gone,
The  choking essence of the day’s happiness filled in clear triangular vials,
Shimmering in the light of fairy lights,
Dying with every breath that pushes one towards the day.
Trying hard to keep it simple, but a single look shatters the vials,
Spilling effervescent fumes to the putrid corners of the mind.
Simple Death.”


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