And it falls down


It is raining and honestly it smells amazing. The smell coupled with the echoing sound of rain drops brings forth a sedentary yet lively image. The musky earth smell engulfs me as I peer out of my window; a car waiting to pull into the driveway, my dusty vision as I look on through the mosquito net. Cows walk past – brown ones with white patches, white ones with black patches. Lazily they graze and moo in the rain. But what do we do? We panic and run. We run as fast as our feet can take us, as far as our body can move, into the shade, within the warmth of a home. It is five in the evening and the alarm goes off. That should have ideally rung at five in the morning. For the first time I am able to isolate this previously irritating sound and confine it to the bedroom it rings from. Grows louder as the rain falls softer. I opened the door to the balcony in my parent’s room after more than at least seven years. I cannot remember the last time someone ventured out here. Drenched school kids on their bicycles. They seemed relatively happy.

Do you know what I want to do? I want to stand naked in the middle of the ground and feel the rain, the pure, innocent rain on my skin. I want the water to drip from my hair, my nose and flow down in a single line to my feet. I want to feel the wet mud between my toes and the heavy brown vapours of monsoon. I want to stand under a transparent umbrella and look at the rain drops falling from high above me. I want to see the look of fascination on each drop of water as they miss my brown face. To see them roll off in a confused race where no one judges. They hardly know that they are in a competition. You need two for a competition. Or at least the idea of another. Idea. That four letter word we religiously carry around with us. In the form of music, art, facts. An idea can change your life. Or can it? Is it determination or perseverance? Is it the pride of life or the lust of the flesh? Or is it just simple letters strung together and beaten into meaning? Who knows. I haven’t the slightest clue. I am just glad that it occasionally rains.


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